The Priapus Shot

The Priapus Shot – Enhance Your Sexual Function

With over 100 million men worldwide suffering from erectile dysfunction and other symptoms of sexual incontinence, a  number that is expected to DOUBLE by the year 2025, many have probably been wondering if there is any alternative of having to take that little blue pill every time they wish to achieve an erection. Eventually, medications like Viagra® and Cialis® will stop working, and ED surgery can be very pricey.

There is another alternative…a safe, non surgical and natural alternative! Men can finally toss that Viagra ® bottle in the trash and invest in the Priapus Shot®! Say bye bye to those degrading let down performances in the sack! The P-Shot® uses PRP therapy, platelet rich plasma that is extracted from your own blood, and is then injected into the penis. These growth factors will trigger stem cells into the area and stimulate the renewal of erectile tissue.

The P-Shot® is ideal for a lot of men, including younger men who are looking to prevent ED and maintain their sexual health, and also great for men who are looking to correct and improve their sexual function! You really cannot go wrong.

Results can be experienced after only a few short weeks, and continue to improve up to 3 months. Men who have had this procedure done have said to have experienced increased penis size, increased circulation, strengthening and straightening of the shaft, increased sensitivity and pleasure, more intense orgasm, and the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Results vary for each person and are expected to last for over a year.


Over 90 percent of men who suffer from ED are satisfied with the results from the P-Shot®. This really is an incredible new technology that actually works. The unfortunate truth behind these common symptoms is that most men will never seek treatment because they are either too embarrassed to talk about it, or they just may not even be aware that there are these kind of treatments out there that can help.

Now there is no reason to allow your sexual performance to plummet. This almost painless procedure will now be available to you at External Affairs

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