The product that everyone needs in their skincare regime!

December is always a special time full of fun celebrations! Once the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, EA is here to remind you to always kick off the festivities by celebrating with your best looking skin. It’s never too late to make the most of your routine, especially with an extra special holiday treat that EVERYONE can benefit from!

Your gorgeous December skin starts with the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5%, AKA the serum that will change your life! No skincare routine is complete without a powerhouse product like this one. Whether you are hoping to transform texture concerns, get an anti-aging boost, or treat your overall complexion to a fresh reset, retinol truly does it all and more. 

Get ready to experience the gift of retinol in today’s article! We will be breaking down all the essential details about our EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% to ensure your skin will be nothing short of  youthful and radiant! Here’s everything you’ll get to know and love about this product:

  • It’s amazing benefits,
  • The medical-grade ingredients that give it its magic
  • The best way to incorporate it into your routine and,
  • How to enhance your product results with a custom EA skin treatment!

By the end of this article, you will be an expert on this skincare secret weapon. Plus, you’re in for an extra special holiday treat with an exclusive offer available THIS MONTH ONLY. Be sure to stay tuned to find out more!  

Now, let’s get started on helping you rejuvenate your skin with this luxurious serum!

The Benefits

Jam-packed with unbelievable benefits, the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% is here to help your skin finally take the leap and make some BIG transformations. For those that are looking for a more youthful glow, expect a beautiful change in your cellular turnover with the help of our powerful retinol serum! With this product in your routine, there’s no better time to age gracefully than now. Experience magical benefits and treat unique skin concerns like fine lines, large pores, hyperpigmentation, and crepe-like textures. Plus, this dream retinol product will give your skin that extra boost of motivation to increase your collagen and elastin production. Talk about the perfect anti-aging package! 

Not only does the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% work extra hard to restore your skin’s beautiful surface, but it also does many wonders behind the scenes that help ensure your most radiant skin never fades away! Whether you want to make some small texture improvements or see a fresh reset in your skin, retinol has got your back. Our goal is to ensure you have a beauty routine equipped with high-quality products that makes you feel confident both inside and out. With all these amazing retinol benefits, your skin will certainly be beyond stunning!

Ingredient Breakdown

One thing about medical grade skincare is that you can always expect so much more luxury out of your purchase! Whether it’s in the overall quality or the feel-good ingredients, look forward to stunning results that just don’t compare to the average retail skincare product. Plus with 0.5% retinol incorporated into your routine, our medical grade serum packs tons of beautiful skin benefits in every single application. What most people don’t know is that the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% is actually up to 70 times more effective than the leading retinol product, giving it that extra wow-factor!

With this powerful percentage at work, there’s no doubt you will adore how quickly you’ll see a change for the better in your skin. Trust us when we say to leave your retinol recommendations to the EA skin experts! Anticipate nothing short of a lush experience and rich skin transformation thanks to the powerful 0.5% concentration of medical grade retinol.

How to Use

When it comes to incorporating this product into your skincare routine, it’s a lot easier than you may think! Our skin experts recommend using the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% serum in the evening so the magic can happen overnight. See your best results when you apply it after cleansing and before moisturizing. Whether you are a skincare beginner or a pro at utilizing medical grade products, making this a part of your nighttime routine will be a breeze! No matter what your beauty goals are, the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% will quickly become one of your all-time favourites!

In order to experience the full benefits of the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5%, make sure you are consistent with your application and incorporate it into your skincare routine right away. This product works many wonders when it comes to allowing your skin to turn over new cells and transform your youthful glow, but your consistency will prove to be worth it in the end when you see your exciting skin transformations come to life!

The Experience and Results

While the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% is already amazing on its own, you can level up your entire experience by pairing it with a luxurious EA skin treatment that is completely unique to your needs! If you have been a long-time lover of this retinol serum and want to discover a new way to utilize it, complementing it with your dream skin service might be just what you need to give your complexion a fresh perspective.

According to our knowledgeable skin experts, the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% is the perfect product to prepare your skin before any treatment! Especially if you are hoping to transform your cellular turnover to boost collagen production, consistently using retinol before a series of microneedling treatments will make for stunning skin results. However, if your skin goals are focused on transforming the appearance of uneven tone and texture, something like a series of photofacials, chemical peels or vampire facials might be just what you need to pair with your dream retinol serum.

The above results are from one chemical peel. Individual results may vary.

Of course, the best way to reach your skin’s fullest potential is by coming in for a complimentary EA Beauty Consultation with one of our skin experts to chat about it one-on-one. Our amazing team is here to help guide you, answer your unique questions, address all your concerns, and ensure you find your most ideal treatment plan no matter what!

Click HERE to book your complimentary consultation today!

Your Exclusive Treat

While this dreamy retinol serum typically retails for $115.00, we have a special holiday treat just for you. From December 1st to 31st, everyone can indulge in the EA Advanced Retinol 0.5% for 25% off – talk about a MAJOR deal! Plus, this product makes for the perfect gift this season. Why not treat yourself or someone special to the best retinol product out there when it’s exclusively 25% off? Be sure to take advantage of the holidays with EA and get in on this festive deal by shopping in-store or online with the discount code “DECEMBER25” now! Here’s to saving BIG and achieving gorgeous skin that makes you feel like your best self!

Skin Care Lover and Beauty Guru

Feimoon Choy

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