Why PRP Hair Treatments?
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Introducing the Latest Generation of Hair Restoration Procedures

PRP is the human bodies own wonder drug. Everyone has it in them. When you scraped your knee when you were a kid, a yellow, sticky looking substance quickly covered the skinned area. That substance later became a scab. In a few weeks or months depending on the severity of the abrasion, you looked down at your knee and all the skin and hair had regrown exactly like it was before the accident. The yellow sticky substance that started the healing process and saw it through to completion was PRP.

How Our PRP Procedure Works

Briefly, PRP is largely responsible for the regenerative process in all inflamed or injured tissue. In elemental form, it roams freely in your circulatory system waiting to be called into action.

PRP contains growth factors, inflammatory and anti-inflammatory molecules known as cytokines. These cytokines call stem cells to the area. Stem cells carry the genetic code and have GPS on them, so they know exactly where to go and what to do. They begin specializing and replicating according to their on-board blue-print. In the end, through constant division and specialization, stem cells produce an exact replica of what formerly existed in the area before the skin was removed by accident.

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By drawing the patient’s own blood and spinning it in a sterile centrifuge, we can isolate and concentrate the PRP at several times the concentration that occurs in whole blood. We then remove the separated PRP and use it to inject it into the scalp in areas of thinning or baldness. The objective is to begin the regenerative process as described above and in the end stimulate miniaturized follicles to expand back to maturity whereby they produce terminal hairs as opposed to tiny, fine villus, largely clear hairs.

Since stem cells like to congregate around the base of the mature erector pili muscle, (the tiny muscle responsible for goose bumps) mature, terminal hairs can become stem cell donors for the next wave or row of hair. The process is progressive and takes time.

Does PRP Hair Loss Treatment Actually Work?

Yes, but there are limitations.

  • Depending on the health, age, drug use, nutritional deficiencies, auto immune disorders of the patient, the PRP injections may produce excellent, less than satisfactory, or zero results.
  • The stimulatory action of injected PRP is limited in duration. One treatment is not enough to see the hair follicle all the way through to maturity. Most Doc’s recommend multiple treatments spaced a month or so apart for at least 3 months, often up to 6 or even 8 months then maintenance treatments every 6 months. The results can be excellent, in fact, on par with EA Hair ReGrowth.
  • In an attempt to improve the efficacy of the treatment some physicians will opt to add amniotic fluid or Acell (not available in Canada yet) an embryonic matrix to the patient’s own PRP, but even at this, multiple treatments are required. Both of these added ingredients are safe, have gone through rigorous testing and can dramatically improve outcomes especially in older patients.
  • The treatments take about one hour to complete in a physician’s office. Depending on the skill, knowledge and experience of the physician, pain in the injection site will range anywhere from a 4/10 to 10/10.

Full Regrowth Is Possible

With repeated injections, and the addition of Acell, complete regrowth can be expected in patients that are treated at the first signs of noticeable thinning, usually within the first year.

Satisfactory regrowth can be expected in those with moderate to severe balding. The natural process of regrowth is shockingly fast, but it does come in 1/8’’ to 14’’ at a time in successive waves. The longer you let the regression occur, the longer it takes to regrow. For severe male pattern baldness, expect 2 years or more.

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